Martin Uus, RMT

A warm hello and welcome to everyone,

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I just wanted to take a some time to tell  you a little about myself.  I currently work out of the Lemongrass Spa as a part of the team of Health and Self-care Professionals.

I am a graduate of Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy in Toronto where I tried to gain as much experience across all demographics and conditions as I could.  Additionally I have a background of being a ‘Jack of all trades’.  It is my hope that my enriched and varied life experiences will assist in having some insight as to what life might be like for you when you come in for a treatment.

The focus of my practice is a patient centered approach.  This means I am here to listen first and from that being able to offer informed guidance and remedies specific to your needs.  I work from the principle that you know how your body feels and what it’s needs are best so I value your input and participation during your treatments.  I will still offer my professional recommendations, as I am here to help, but these are your treatments for your needs.  I understand that trust, built upon a solid foundation of informed consent and the ability to withdraw consent at any time during the treatment, needs to be in place between us in order for any treatment to be effective.  My hope is to create a safe and relaxing space in which we can decrease your recovery time, increase strength, and foster growth.  This will lead to an expedient return (maybe even improvement) of daily living and hopefully entice you to return for valued preventative maintenance (Benefits of Massage Therapy).  I welcome any questions you might have and I look forward to meeting you in the future.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Massage Therapist,